YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader

The YTD Video Downloader is the perfect free video downloader that allows video conversions too

License Freeware
Updated on Dec 2, 2016
Version 5.7.4
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Category Animation and Video Tools
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The YTD Video Downloader is a highly efficient program that answers your needs for downloading videos off the internet. In addition to helping you download your favorite videos from a string of websites that include popular ones such as YouTube, Facebook and more, the program also allows you to convert the downloaded video into several formats.

Never Miss a Video

The worst feeling for video buffs is when they come across an interesting video on the internet and simply do not have the time to watch it right away. Of course, there is always the option of coming back to it, but this carries several risks. Sometimes, the video may simply be taken off before you can access it again, or you may even lose track of where you saw it first.

This is where the YTD Video Downloader comes in handy, downloading your video for you at the click of a single button, and then making it available for you in a portable file that you can transfer to any of your devices. Now, all you have to do is find some free time to watch the video!

Easy Downloading and Converting Options

A simple yet efficient user interface makes the YTD Video Downloader a breeze to operate and all one has to do is add the URL to the program and click on the Download tab. In fact, the efficiency of the application even allows it to track the video you are watching and copy the URL on its own.

For those who are looking for other options such as format and video quality, the program offers these options too.

An Upgrade Option for Those Who Want More

While the YTD Video Downloader is efficient enough to download videos and even convert them, if there is more you want from the program, there is always the option of upgrading to the YTD Video Downloader Pro version. Available at only $14.90 per year, the Pro version does a lot more than its Free counterpart, including the choice of downloading several videos at one go.

Whether you opt for the Pro version or the Free one, the YTD Video Downloader               certainly proves to be an efficient program for downloading and converting videos.

Essential Links:

To download the YTD Video Downloader click here.

To visit the YTD Video Downloader official website for more information, click here.

To visit the YTD Video Downloader FAQ Page click here. 



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