SpeedBit Video Downloader

SpeedBit Video Downloader

The SpeedBit Video Downloader allows for quick downloads and simple conversions.

License Freeware
Updated on Dec 16, 2016
Version 3.2.0
Site URL http://www.speedbit.com/video-downloader-conver...
Download URL http://d2s42bl77ar0ja.cloudfront.net/svd3.exe
Author Administrator
Category Animation and Video Tools
Views 294
Downloads 0

The SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor is a free video downloader and convertor developed by SpeedBit that allows for quick downloads and easy conversions. A simple interface and efficient performance have made the downloader highly popular with users and the applications has already logged more than 35 million downloads.

High Speed Downloads

The most impressive feature of the SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor is the high speed it offers for video downloads. While most other video downloaders in the market use a single channel to download videos, the unique multi-channel acceleration technology that this downloader puts to work ensures that several download channels are utilized even for a single download.

The use of multiple download channels accelerates the video download to a great extent, and in addition to the use of several channels, the technology also cuts down on lag time and idle time, thus offering more efficiency on download speeds.

This unique technology ensures that no matter how long your list of downloads is, the use of this downloader will cut down the time to go through the list to a considerable extent.

Highly Popular for Several Reasons

The SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor has been downloaded by users more than 35 million times, and there are several reasons for the high popularity quotient this video downloader and convertor enjoys.

Firstly, the multi-channel acceleration technology that the downloader uses speeds up the video downloads considerably. Secondly, the conversions to various formats are quick and easy thanks to a simple interface and efficient working of the program. Moreover, since the program has both, a downloader and a convertor, a user does not need to access two different programs to get his video or audio collection ready.

In addition to these features, the SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor also allows for downloads from a long list of video streaming websites. This allows the user to save videos from a string of websites instead of only being restricted to a few popular ones.

All these features and more come together to make the SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor one of the most popular video downloaders and convertors out there.

Essential Links:

Download the SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor here.

Download the SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor from an external link here.

Learn more about the SpeedBit Video Downloader and Convertor here. 



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