The Sandboxie application increases the security status of your PC by decimating unknown threats.

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Updated on Aug 20, 2017
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Sandboxie is a program based on Sandbox Technology which creates an isolated space to run the various unknown programs and files. Developed by Sandboxie Holdings LLC, it creates a clear layer on the system like a transparent layer on white paper so that when you will write it will look like writing on the paper but actually it is written on the transparent layer and the original paper is remains untouched and safe. If the writing is not suitable, you can simply remove the layer sheet instead of erasing or repairing the original sheet. Thus it provides a virtual isolated space to run the unknown programs and files and keep your system untouched and safe.

This technology made the antivirus software more useful in offering strong protection and more space to add value-added services. Now, almost all Antivirus software products are incorporating this technology to give subscribers more safety.

Makes Web Browsing Safe and Secure

You are able to make your favorite browser safe and block all the malicious program files, malware, infected files and all kind of risky objects like ransomware. Through Sandboxie you can bring down to almost zero the daily risk of cyber attacks by isolating the risks in the Sandbox, and keep your system well protected.

Be Safe from Infected Attachments

Keep your email risk-free by running it in Sandboxie and you no longer have to worry about any infected or malicious attachments as it will be opened in the isolated environment so it cannot cause any damages in your system.

Protect Your Data

Protect all your personal data by using the Sandboxie as it does not allow any website or program to access your personal data. Thus, even when the websites or programs running on your system are infected, your personal data will remain safe from any malicious attack.

Test New Applications Safely

Test all the new and unknown software application safely in Sandboxie and keep your system safe from unknown damages and unauthorized changes.

Traditional Antivirus vs. Sandboxie

When we run our browser on the system, various unknown files or programs we visited will be running on the system and saved. Traditional antivirus programs only try to find those files and remove the changes which have already been made by them. But in Sandboxie, they cannot make any changes on your system as it will create an isolated environment to run all those unknown programs and it will scan those files there itself.

Essential Links:

You can download the Sandboxie program here.

You can download the Sandboxie program from an external link here.

You can learn more about the Sandboxie program here.

You can learn more about the developers of Sandboxie here.



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