Comodo Internet Security Free Antivirus

Comodo Internet Security Free Antivirus

The Comodo Internet Security Free Antivirus offers your PC protection against malicious attacks

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A reliable antivirus is more a necessity than a luxury in today’s online world, and the Comodo Internet Security Free Antivirus product developed by Comodo, is the perfect partner for your PC when it comes to protection against malicious attacks.

The Internet Security Suite, which has been developed especially for your Microsoft Windows operating system, is available in three different editions – Complete, Pro and the core free edition. And unlike other free software that only gives your PC limited protection, the Comodo Internet Security Free Antivirus provides your machine with an all-round protection that is comparable to the best in the industry.

Efficient Security Cover

The Comodo Internet Security Free Antivirus is a product that offers your PC multi-layered protection that protects your data from hackers, and despite being free, the product is a highly functional one. It offers an entire lineup of protective abilities to your PC, and always working silently and efficiently in the background, the product makes sure that your PC remains protected at all times.

An Excellent Malware Removal System

The Comodo Internet Security Free Antivirus product offers your PC complete protection on several fronts. The Antivirus function tracks and eliminates any malware threats that may be present on your PC. The Anti-Rootkit function scan, detects and treats any rootkits that are present on your PC.

The Memory Firewall function offers comprehensive and up-to-date protection against buffer overflow attacks. The Anti-Malware function eliminates malicious threats even before they can begin their harmful activities, and the Bot Protection function ensures that your PC can never be controlled by sources you are unaware of.

These, in addition to other functions such as Auto Sandbox Technology, Defense + and Anti-Spyware make the Comodo Internet Security Free Antivirus a comprehensive product.

Get More, for Free!

A number of antivirus products are available on the market for free. But most of them come with either a limited period offer tag or only provide basic antivirus products for free and if you wish to upgrade to a higher version, you would need to pay a lot more.

However, when you download the Comodo Internet Security Free Antivirus, this is one aspect you never have to worry about, because with this download, you receive the best protection for your PC, and for free too!

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