AVIRA Free Antivirus

AVIRA Free Antivirus

The AVIRA Free Antivirus is a free antivirus suite with multiple features for your PC's protection

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Updated on Nov 28, 2016
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The AVIRA Free Antivirus is a free product from the AVIRA stables and offers itself as an all-round solution to the constant war that your PC wages against several security threats.  

This extraordinary antivirus product views and analyzes data and software, and with its excellent and efficient cloud protection feature, manages to eliminate threats even before they reach your computer. It even anonymously runs unknown files and data to ensure that there are no hidden threats existing in them.

These, and a strong lineup of several other features make this product one of the most downloaded antivirus software of all time.

Why Give Your PC the AVIRA Free Antivirus Advantage

Everyone wishes that their computer always boots quickly and runs as smoothly as it did when it was brand new. In order to accomplish this motive, it is necessary that you give your PC continuous protection as well as the cleanup routine it deserves.

With the large amounts of downloads and program software that your PC sources from the internet, it is often open to risks of viruses and online threats. Keeping your data private, and safeguarding the content on your computer as well as your browsing habits is important too.

This is where the services of a good antivirus application come in handy, not only protecting your machine from threats, but also ensuring that it works more efficiently.

Why AVIRA Represents Next Generation Security

Created with the comprehensive security of the end user in mind, AVIRA caters to all the requirements that make browsing secure, private and safe. Due to its light weight, it is easy to download and doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your PC. All these factors and more come together to make it easier for your PC to perform fast and efficiently.

This antivirus constantly reviews and cleans unused data and cache on your PC, thus creating extra available space on your hard drive. This also boosts the performance of your computer and enables it to provide you faster operations.

While other antivirus products usually end up slowing down the performance and response time of machines, AVIRA’s antivirus suite delivers features that speed up the performance.

Essential Links:

Download your AVIRA Free Antivirus product here. 

Or use this external link to download the AVIRA Free Antivirus product.

You can visit the AVIRA homepage to access more information on its products. 



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