AVG Free Antivirus

AVG Free Antivirus

The AVG Free Antivirus features the latest in online security and keeps your PC safe from threats

License Freeware
Updated on Nov 29, 2016
Version 2016.0.7163
Site URL http://www.avg.com/in-en/homepage
Download URL http://download.cnet.com/AVG-AntiVirus-Free/300...
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Category Antivirus
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  • AVG Free Antivirus
  • AVG Free Antivirus
  • AVG Free Antivirus
  • AVG Free Antivirus
  • AVG Free Antivirus

The AVG Free Antivirus is a popular product in the free antivirus lineup available on the internet today, and this security product from AVG indeed stands apart from the rest of its competition for several reasons.

Excellent Features of the AVG Free Antivirus

Firstly, the AVG Free Antivirus allows for safe online browsing by protecting your PC against malware, spyware, root-kits, viruses and worms. This enables you to do all that you need to do on the internet, without worrying about the safety of your machine or the privacy of your data.

From banking transactions to chat transcripts, this product ensures that all the elements of your online habits remain private and protected. In addition to this feature, the antivirus suite constantly monitors online activity to detect malware and block it immediately.

The One-Stop Antivirus Solution

With the AVG Free Antivirus suite, the user can download the antivirus software and continue with daily online tasks without worrying about updates and configurations or how to deal with associated messages and popups. This means that the antivirus software does all that it needs to do without interfering in your routine tasks.

Moreover, the AVG Free Antivirus performs updates on a daily basis, so your PC is protected and kept safe from even the newest viruses circulating the web. There are various modes that the user can switch to with the help of an efficient user interface that accompanies the product.

One of these is the ‘Gaming’ mode that allows you to select special scanning schedules or turn off updates, so that you can play games without any interruptions from the antivirus product that may interfere with your heavy usage of the RAM and other elements.

Real-Time Protection with AVG Free Antivirus

The AVG Free Antivirus offers complete all-round protection for your PC, Mac and Android with the cloud-based virus and malware detection. It locates and blocks spyware, alerts you of phishing websites and protects your data while you carry out financial transactions online, all in real time.

It also offers the convenience of seamless and easy updates so the user does not have to bother about upgrades and complex configurations that are not only time consuming but often end up confusing the amateur user too.

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