Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall

The Windows Firewall prevents inbound as well as outbound unauthorized access.

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Updated on Jan 3, 2017
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The Windows Firewall is an advanced security system from Microsoft that disallows unauthorized inbound and outbound access on your machine. The application is part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System package and is also available for independent downloads.

Although this firewall isn’t recognized as one of the most feature-rich or comprehensive, it remains a highly popular one as it is a part of every Microsoft Windows Operating System package and users who are unaware of other existing products do end up using the same firewall that is already a part of the package.

The Choice of Three Profiles

The Window Firewall offers users a choice of three different profiles which they can switch on or switch off according to their network and security needs. These three profiles are activated automatically in every Windows Operating System package and apply to different types of network interfaces.

The Public profile is the most restrictive profile of all three, and provides security in line with the assumption that the network is being shared by everyone and has exposure to the World Wide Web.

The Private profile is required to be activated and designated as such by the administrator. This profile allows for more inbound connections than a Public profile, and works in the assumption that the machine and its network are not exposed to the Internet.

The Domain profile is the least restrictive among all three, and this profile works on the assumption that it is only exposed to a trusted network of machines. This profile is activated automatically when the computer designates that it is on a trusted network and domain.

Two-Way Security

The Windows Firewall is a comprehensive security system that keeps a tab on both inbound as well as outbound traffic, restricting and filtering the traffic in line with the instruction that have been issued to it by the administrator, or in line with the profile that has been activated.

Therefore, the firewall immediately blocks any unauthorized traffic that attempts to access your computer or its network, and in addition to restricting this inbound traffic, also restricts traffic that may be outbound from your computer or its network. This isolation strategy helps keep your machine as well as its data safe.

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Click here to download the Windows Firewall.

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