The Privatefirewall product keeps your PC safe from inbound and outbound unauthorized access.

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Updated on Jan 7, 2017
Version 7.0
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Privatefirewall is a personal firewall program that offers your PC comprehensive protection from unauthorized data access through malicious programs, both inbound as well as outbound. Developed by Privacyware, this program offers all the essential features that you would expect from an efficient Personal Firewall product.

Protection Against Malicious Threats

In line with its basic function of protecting your data from inbound as well as outbound unauthorized access, Privatefirewall offers your PC and your network protection against several threats.

Some of these threats include:

Drive-By Downloads – Programs that automatically download themselves onto your computer without permission. These programs could be notorious ones that once downloaded, could end up putting your data at risk.

Rootkits – Rootkits are programs that once downloaded onto your system, often without your knowledge, have the ability to hide certain details of the programs such as running process, associated files or system data. These programs then allow hackers easy access to your PC, thereby putting your sensitive data at risk.

Keyloggers – These programs capture all that you type on your keyboard, thereby exposing your sensitive data such as passwords and other similar information to prying eyes.

Crimeware – These programs offer fraudulent schemes to users, and install malware programs that could access your data and use it as ransom. Most extortion schemes that are on the prowl on the World Wide Web use the sensitive data they access through unfair means for their extortion practices.

Privatefirewall acts as a steady deterrent in all these cases, keeping a tab on programs, monitoring and disabling and deleting malicious programs, and ensuring that none of your data is put at risk.

A Simple Interface

Most firewalls are complicated programs that confuse the amateur user. Now, while firewalls have several functions associated with them, it isn’t always necessary to burden the user with its workings, and few developers understand this.

Privacyware, however, has done an excellent job with their firewall, Privatefirewall, ensuring that they offer an interface that is not only simple to use, but also assists the user in configuring it with ease. Simple usability with comprehensive functionality forms the foundation of the Privatefirewall user experience, making it a convenient choice when it comes to Personal Firewalls.

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Click here to download the Privatefirewall program.

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